Fire Danger Level and Restrictions Lowered September 16, 2019
fire danger low
DFPA will issue burn permits for small, safe, backyard debris piles. Public Use Restrictions are in effect, however there are no shutdown times for mowing, chainsaws, cutting/grinding/welding metal, or any other power drive machinery listed for Low Danger, starting September 16, 2019. The Industrial Fire Precaution Level is at IFPL 1.

For more information, visit the DFPA website.

Oregon Department of Environmental Quality
Examples of outdoor or open burning include: using a burn barrel, burning yard debris, burning construction or demolition debris, burning in incinerators that do not meet emission limits and burning stumps to clear land.

    • Burning the following materials is illegal any time, anywhere in Oregon:
  • Asbestos
  • Asphalt or industrial waste
  • Automotive parts (including frames)
  • Dead animals
  • Plastic and rubber products
  • Tires
  • Waste oil, petroleum treated and related materials
  • Wet garbage and food waste
  • Any material creating dense smoke or noxious odors

More information is available at the Oregon DEQ website.

Northwest Interagency Coordination Center